Safe Sourcing

Regarding that foche thing, as a german who can understand all this stuff, it looks sketchy as hell.

This was either set up by the boomerest boomer alive, is a honeypot, or a scam.

Also, as a web security expert, they are flat-out lying about their security. Like, physically impossible claims, starting with “this site can’t be DDOSed”.

Personally, wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. Have to add that this is the first time I’ve heard about that site tho.

Just did an IP lookup. Goes straight to Namecheap (crappy-cheap domain provider that also offers hosting) in Atlanta. So any data protection claims are a lie too, the alphabet agencies could be on that shit any second if they wanted to.

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That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard of them either but like I said, it’s been a couple of years since the LLabs thing since I’ve been RC shopping.

The way I found out about Chemical-Collective, and a bunch of places in Canada that sell psychedelics like was thru this list and the place is on the list too:

I got interested in the foche place enough to start researching German parcel-forwarding services. I actually emailed them about it and got a response. I asked if their US customers used any specific service and they responded with a terse but grammatical email and suggested this company:

And after looking at all the fees I decided it wasn’t worth it to order from foche… But I do want to find a way to get mail out of NL. Badly. I’ve actually been taking halfway thorough notes because I have such a bad memory and there are so many sites to look at.

I would like to reiterate that I am thrilled to be in a forum where we can discuss the actual names of vendors. (& are most likely scams, (amongst other things) offering molecules that do not exist. Absolutely avoid ordering from there entirely.

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I’m not going to order from foche, thanks. The re-shipping options from Germany alone make it too expensive and if I’m gonna to solve a reshipping problem, it would be way more exciting to me to get letter size mail out of all the vendors in the Netherlands. I had very good luck getting Smokey’s Chemsite mail through their office in Spain so I was thinking about looking there.

Does anyone have any tips about re-shipping or parcel forwarding EU to US? I’m very grateful for your input and this site.

I would sure like to hear some too. I can’t get any mail out of the Netherlands to the US…


I saw your reaction.
But for me is the best vendor from
I like the other shops and test them, but for me the quality of this shop is awesome


Any experiences on this forum from Americans that used reshipping services and got their stuff? Details like what service, what stuff, cost, and timeframe. I tried searching the website for content about reshipping but only one thing popped up so I apologize if there’s alreadyd a thread for this

Realchems did great for me. I’ll try chemical collective now, but they are always out of stock of a lot of stuff.
I found some chineses sellers but they only sell in bulk, not sure if you need special documents to buy.

Anyone has an good chinese source?
After the ban the’ll be the only way it looks to get some chemicals.

Hello I am a chemical sales representative at Hebei Zimely Biological Technology Co.,Ltd

My email:

My link

Best sellers are
Bromoketamine and Bromazolam
We have factory prices
$60 per g
$460 for 10g ($46/gram)
$3,000 for 100g ($30/gram)
$9,000 for 1 kilogram ($9/gram

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