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Hey all! As a part of the research chemical community, we’ve all probably noticed the lack of avenues to discuss sourcing, one of the most important parts of harm-reduction. This forum allows sourcing which is a huge step in the right direction, and I hope this thread can be another. I would like to compile a list of safe (or at least trusted among members of this forum) vendors to buy from, as well as important information such as average prices, specific vendor’s RC availability, expected wait time, as well as being safe while sourcing (digital hygiene, not signing for packages, etc). This can help make for a much safer and better experience overall for all of the members in our community!

I am honestly not the most knowledgeable psychonaut in the world (or this forum), however I would still like to participate in making our mutual passion for these amazing chemicals that much safer! It would be great if we could also get the mods to make some sort of “Official Research Community Sourcing List,” or something of that nature. It would also be nice to get this thread pinned as many people coming into this forum may be looking for a safe place to source from.

As more comments and information are added to this thread, I will update this original post to try and keep a list of trusted vendors as well as clear and concise information necessary to stay safe! Any contribution is greatly appreciated.


  1. Chemical Collective (No Shipping to: USA, UK, Sweden, Thailand, Denmark, Switzerland or Austria);

Definitely needs to have Chemical Collective in it. Best vendor I have ever come across (I would even say best online shop for anything in general), and the nicest people you could ever imagine.

anyone know anything about bongochems? they reliable?

albion has been my go to for years, but recently gave bottles999 a shot this week and everything went smooth with less than a week from order to door from both vendors.

Bongo is a selective scammer and someone on reddit who ordered from Bongo just had a controlled delivery for 0.5 g of FXE. Bongo is perhaps being investigated, I would avoid for many reasons.

for canadian vendors i’ve never had a problem with rechem in 10 years and they have a lot of rare chems(requires signup has e-transfer. has been able to deliver to gta same day.

just tried out chemiverse they offered tracked mail and once again etransfers seems great because they say what is legal in which states (some of them went lil crazy with banning RCs)

It seems like rechem requires providing ID to register. How did you deal with that?

Do you know any other reliable vendors with stimulants?

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@Nate dealt with that by being canadian

Also, regarding the original post, I was just having a think about doing an “official” list as mentioned.

Not sure how this would be even remotely possible. In my opinion, to officially endorse something, you need to know it yourself from own experience. So from my perspective, that list would simply be “Chemical Collective - The End”. Maybe a few more if you throw moderators into the mix.

Sure, could technically just add everything being thrown around, but then there wouldn’t be a need for a separate thread, and it wouldn’t be “official”. Like, I could just leave this thread pinned and it would make no difference.

lmao didn’t realize it was harder for non canadians

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I can name a few which I’ve had multiple experiences with each and has never had an issue in over 100+ orders:

  1. Funcaps (NL only since only a few days ago): has a wide selection of RCs, fast delivery and affordable prices overall (especially for lysergamides). Nice customer support too.

  2. Professor (EU): offers some exclusives that you won’t find anywhere else, extremely fast delivery, and seems to wash some of his products.

  3. TRRC (EU): offers a lot of exclusives, cheap prices, but questionable ethics (see the 4-CMA incident). Regular discounts every week up to 50% on a wide variety of products. Sends the tiniest most annoying baggies to ever exist.

Those are the three that I use(d) regularly.


Does anyone still ship to the USA? I stocked up a few years ago and used 1p-lsd to microdose. It has helped me tremendously - I used to be on a bunch of pharama psyc drungs but microdosing has been amazing and I am now free from big pharma. I recently returned to my previous sources to restock and it looks like a lot has changed. I’ve looked into the sources above and non of them will ship to the USA. looks like they might but the registration form is intimidating. I would prefer not going to the dark web to find what I need. Please help with any reliable sources still shipping to the USA. That you for setting up this forum where we can discuss. Cheers!


There are none. Every time some vendor tries shipping the smallest little thing to the US, you guys immediately pull your guns out.

Best bet you have are re-shipping services. Really not much else you can do.

That sucks. Its definitely not “you guys” as its as sucky for us trying to order things too especially outside of recreational use- I need therapeutic use and if I cant get it, its not me doing it. It sucks that the US government keeps doing this. I’ve ordered some before but its been a while…

Ive never heard of re shipping services. Would I just google that?

Choose a country where what you are trying to get is legal, type “re-shipping (country here)” into your search engine of choice, enjoy. Sometimes they’re also called stuff like “parcel forwarding”.

You will need to check their policies tho. Obviously don’t want them to open stuff and check what’s inside for example. Also, you are going through more customs that way (because you’re essentially shipping twice beyond borders) so just be aware of that.

Oh and of course they take fees. How much greatly varies.

Also my “you guys” was more related to the glowies haha. If they smell someone selling stuff to americans, they basically just run into NL taking everything down that isn’t pinned to the wall. Even if they have no actual reason (see Lizard Labs raid).

Is Chem-Casino trustworthy? Legit? Or a scam?

Yes is legit

1 Like form is easy to get accepted and worth it. Mail through that route very reliable, I just got order last week and placed another this week.