LSD Tolerance

It is widely known and recognized that LSD tolerance seems to be pretty straightforward and calculated with a simple mathematical expression.

What is not actually known is that this tolerance that your body builds up is not absolute but relative and dependent on the individual.

You can use this website to easily estimate when your tolerance will be back to baseline, but since it is an estimate - an individual may be able to trip with full-blown visuals (perhaps with a clearer headspace) for two or even three days in a row. Without altering the dosage whatsoever.

I myself have also tested extensively this tolerance buildup myth and it is somewhat true but trivial. The estimation from these calculators cannot obviously be taken as absolute truth as you are your own self and you may have a very different reaction. I could easily trip twice in a row on LSD.

I have noticed in many people that one week may be enough to get a really meaningful and introspective trip. With the same dose.

I myself used to trip twice a week and never had an issue with the potency of the trips (more specifically, I’d dose a dopaminergic psychedelic the first day and the successive day LSD - phenethylamines do not build tolerance as quickly/instantly as serotonergic psychedelics, perhaps a topic for another day).

Conclusion: listen to your body, use these tolerance calculators as mere estimations and definitely do not dose two days in a row increasing the dose perhaps by twice or thrice the original amount as these tolerance calculators try to suggest, you may be surprised by how hard it will be hitting you.

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To confirm this from another perspective:

While some people report being able to fully reset tolerance after just 7 days, when I tested this myself the felt dosage was just about half of what was taken.

I definitely need at least 12 days, the more the better.

Also, even if you are able to double dosage the next day and feel the same, I still would not advise doing so. Give your brain some rest. Let it process things. This allows you to get all the long-lasting positive effects out of your trips. LSD is not just fun, it’s also psychological “medicine” if used correctly.

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Very good write up. I can dose twice a week with little objective difference.

At my peak usage I was consuming 4 times per week. Visuals were dampened and the mind fuck was not present. I was taking SSRIs at the time as well, which I personally never found to weaken trips for me. But to others, keep in mind that may not be the case for you.

As for cross tolerance with other 5-HTA2 antagonists such as psilocybin, mescaline, 2-cb, 25x-NBOME, 25x-NBOH will all be fairly similar in comparison to how long it takes for you see a reset to tolerance, despite some being full antagonists where as LSD is only a half antagonists. DMT however, will only last an hour after consumption, which is enough time to effectively take a tab when you blast off.

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Thank you for the compliment. I applaud your consumption as I was doing something similar at one point and I have to say that I totally agree. I should explain the differences between all of these psychedelics, but it’d require a lot of time and with my job and social life it’s not always easy and available as a thread to do.

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While not trying to negate anything you said, I’d just like to add additional information for anyone else reading this.

At least as far as my own understanding of the science around this goes, taking psychedelics in combination with anti-depressants like SSRIs may lead to a greatly increased risk of the potentially lethal serotonin syndrome.

To anyone considering doing this anyway: I would advise going very slowly and carefully, and in the best case even consult a doctor on this matter (if you live in a country where talking with doctors about this is not a very bad idea of course)


Completely correct. SSRIs do also decrease psychedelic effects immensely. So as serotonin syndrome is definitely something that could happen, at the same time you may get away with it thanks to the SSRIs.

And unfortunately an even worse reaction that could happen is lethal seizure.

For most people, SSRIs noticeably dampen and reduce the visuals and intensity of psychedelic trips. But not for all. I used to never get visuals on any psychedelic at any dose until I got on SSRIs and actually managed to trip with just a small dose of a tryptamine (12mg 4-HO-MiPT to be precise).

Additionally, taking psychedelics (and drugs in general) whose only action on serotonin is their serotonin receptors agonism definitely don’t increase (or pose) the risk of getting serotonin syndrome.

SS can be had by mixing 2 or multiple serotonin releasers (SRA) with each other or with one (or more) SSRI(s).

Nonetheless, while SS remains incredibly rare, it’s a potentially lethal condition and it’s better to avoid anything with any form of SERT action nonetheless when taking SSRIs and be smart about mixing substances which both act on SERT. Better safe than sorry. I’ve already caught a (very mild) SS before by combining 4-HO-MET and DMXE, which one would not expect considering their respective MOAs.

Source: I take 60mg Citalopram + 20mg Paroxetine daily, 2 of the most potent SSRIs at (above!) the maximum safe dose (combining SSRIs doesn’t pose the risk of getting SS because they generally are non competitive reuptake inhibitors).