Kratom 2: Electric Boogaloo

Copied from Discord - Original Date: 01/27/2023

Since my ⁠First Kratom Experience didn’t really get me as far as expected, I’ve listened to feedback and got me some premium 1.7% kratom powder. Strain is unknown, apparently they do some blending shenanigans to be able to guarantee 1.7% of the active ingredient.

Again, I’ve made a tea with it. Put exactly 5g of the powder in a cup with warm water and the freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon. Got a dark-green liquid, looks like straight out of the sewer.

I’ll be measuring my heart rate again as I see fit, baseline is 85bpm today.

Taste is, again, not bad. Way more bitter than what I had before, yes, but still even pleasant. To be fair tho, I’m an Islay Scotch enjoyer, stuff most people would dump straight down the drain ^^

0:15 - The “fluid” feeling is back again. Also, it’s getting a bit harder to focus on things like text.

0:23 - When relaxing my eyes, I see double. Can shift it back to normal vision by actively trying to focus.

0:25 - High is setting in. Already stronger than the tea stuff was in its entirety. Did not have the “wow i’m fucking awake” phase I had last time tho.

0:35 - Just went to have a smoke. Could hear my blood circulation when i stood up, and am a bit wonky. High is slowly getting stronger. Heart at 97bpm.

0:40 - Reached the equivalent of approximately 1-2 bong rips. Very chill and relaxed. No euphoria or anything, just chill.

0:45 - Just put on some music. Instinctively went for Synthwave. Music is intensified. Heart back down to 85bpm

0:53 - Seems like it’s not gonna get any stronger. Could handle a higher dose, but I do actually have a proper high this time.

0:58 - Heart is way down to 75bpm. It’s doing parkour.

1:00 - High is, like, fluctuating. Sometimes feels like it’s going down for a second, then comes back a moment later. But I’m pretty sure I’m over the peak.

1:08 - Aight, we going down now. Slowly but surely.

1:35 - Pretty much back to baseline now. I think I feel comfortable going for somewhere around 9g next time

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