First Kratom Experience

Copied from Discord - Original Date: 01/18/2023

So I’m currently drinking 6g of white borneo kratom as a tea. Water temperature was around 50°C. Didn’t use the tea bags, just poured the stuff in.

First impression: It’s not as bitter as so many people are saying! Like, yes, it is bitter, but coffee is also bitter. Definitely not gonna make me gag. It’s even pleasant to me. No idea what those “gotta pour it in your mouth behind your tongue and wash it down so you don’t taste it” people are smoking.

5 minutes in, cup is half empty, feeling a lot more “fluid”. Like after having a few beers. Could be placebo tho.

10 minutes: I’m suddenly much more awake! Comparable to like 2 coffees back to back or something. Cup is now empty. Thought measuring heart rate would be cool, am at 89bpm. Normally it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 80. Just sitting on my bed, so there aren’t other factors. Note: I’m using the builtin heart rate sensor on my Samsung Galaxy S7 (not camera, dedicated sensor)

20 minutes: Can hear my blood circulating through my head. Heart is back to my usual 80bpm tho.

30 minutes: Feeling like going for a walk. Not gonna do it tho, because no idea what’s still to come.

35 minutes: I can feel a high slowly creeping in. Awake and a teeny tiny bit sedated at the same time. Heart rate up to 85bpm.

55 minutes: Sedation is now taking over, definitely not placebo. Not much, like one singular puff on a joint, but noticeable. I’m just very chill. Stomach is getting a bit rumbly, but could just be due to not having eaten anything today. (Didn’t wanna eat before going in, because more effect etc). I can also confirm the pain relief effect. Don’t have any pain problems, but just poked myself for science, barely any pain at all. Heart rate down to 75, lower than my average.

1:20 - Effects already seem to wear off now. If they’re not coming back, that’s pretty underwhelming. I think I’ll double the dosage next time. Gonna check how the tolerance works now.

1:35 - It’s basically done now. Deffo gonna go higher next time.

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really cool read, i personally can’t stand white strains, red is where it’s at. whites and greens are vomit inducing. do you do other opiates?
my experiences with it is something like codeine is ineffective after a week of kratom.

I don’t actively do any other opiates, no.

Have taken a low dose of codeine once, and also once smoked a bit of heroin (which didn’t do anything for me), but that’s it.

Even the kratom thing was really just an experiment. Got the tea bag stuff (see my other kratom post) for free due to “connections”, was very underwhelmed, people told me that was because it was tea and not powder, so I wanted to give it a fair chance by buying a bag of that. That’s it tho, not planning on ever getting kratom again, doesn’t really float my boat. Good ol’ weed is a way better investment for me :sweat_smile:

kratom is an interest product, if you use the powder it’s “underwhelming” for a high but it’s very calming.
when you get into the extracts you feel it a lot more and the negative side effects but the doses are so extreme it ruins the powder since your tolerance is boosted

Gosh I’m stupid, this here is the post about the tea bags, just thought I was looking at the 2nd one haha

The powder stuff I had actually did hit fairly good with a high enough dose. Got as high as 12g before puking my brains out (didn’t write a report on that one). Still, i personally much prefer other stuff.