DMXE in short

40mg DMXE - ROA: Oral

Onset: 25min
Comeup: 35min
Peak: 1h 30
Come down: 2h
Total: 4-5h

Very different headspace than K analogs and pcp analogs.
Not a relevant body high, almost null.

Conclusion: Short and just confusing - like headspace. Not an interesting body high.

Rate: 4/10

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That sucks mate, I personally tested it (but it’s kind of a while ago now lol) and liked it a lot. It’s rly different than K for sure, but you recognize similarities, maybe it was because i had no tolerance but I found at the time the body high rly pleasant, even the “balloon head” effect was kind of fun.
Altho yes really confusing, you can’t really remember anything too well. Imho it’s not something I would take on a regular basis like I used to do sometimes with K but an interesting experience.

(Only my personal experience and not a general report, I’m sorry you had a bad experience and hope you’re now in good shape :+1:.)

I’ve had the same experience with DMXE the many times I tried it. It’s just a weird one. Feels more like a psychedelic that a disso.

Low doses have this warmth and color saturation you’d expect from a psychedelic, and taking more doesn’t change anything until you take a little too much and then it becomes a literal timeskip button; many times I could see and feel myself and life going at twice the usual speed of everything.

I don’t really like it. I tried anything from 40mg to 200mg mixing oral and intranasal.