Bdo / 1,4-Butanediol - First Experience

2ml Bdo empty stomach, put the liquid in two capsules 25 min onset

  • First effect is the sedation to legs (seems like restless legs)
  • Just after that a mental dissociation kicked in
  • Slowly entering the highness

T 00:30

  • Feeling the euphoria increasing
  • Feeling the music appreciation increasing
  • Mental dissociation still grows up, but it’s not that strong

T 00:35

  • Increased sociability
  • I want to say more bullshits

T 00:45

  • Music is lovely
  • i am more dishinibited

T 00:50

  • Feeling some stomachs’ cramps
  • Body feelings are more sedating, tingles, more comfy with my body
  • I love music even more now

T 00:60

  • Mental dissociation is the same as before
  • Nothing so relevant and strong
  • Slow movement vision

T 01:12 -Nothing special i think a redose would be good tho T 01:30

  • Redosed 1ml

T 02:00 -Body feelings pleasant: i feel more sedated and more relaxed both physically and mentally T 02:20

  • Vision is fucked up for real
  • Music appreciation enhanced

T 02:50

  • Redosed 1,5ml
  • Fucking slow vision. Nothing else.

T 03:00 -Nothing new. I expected more mental and physical euphoria. T 03:13 -Feeling the redosing effects: more headspace (disso like and my eyes hardly can focus on smth and follow it)

  • Body feelings are getting great: more tingling and more comfortable sensation>
  • Now i feel for real the good high i expected: bodyhigh, mental fuckness

T 04:10

  • I got a very deep sleepy feeling. Like i cant jeep my eyes opened and I would really like to lay me down and sleep. (But I dont want to cuz I wanna enjoy this high)
  • Body feelings got more relevant and pleasant. Still that it is not much part of the total high.

Conclusion: hangover like hell. Restless legs, residual stimulation and it’s difficult to sleep.


Nice report, thank you! I’ve been interested in GHB/GBL/BDO for a while and I might just bite the bullet now and get myself some. Can’t wait to try it.

Have you tried HA-966? If you have, how does BDO compare to HA-966?