3-HO-PCP: how to reach a manic state on wake up for the days you want to feel like God

“Trip report” from 02/14/2023

It’s me again, back at it once again with the bad ideas.


Last night I snorted approximately 20mg (maybe a -bit- lot more) 3-HO-PCP right before going to bed. I like the headspace and it helps me fall asleep.

Unfortunately I was too tired to wait for it to come up so I fell asleep before it kicked in.

Cut to the next morning, 7 hours later.

My alarm rings, I jolt out of bed fully awake (never happens, EVER). I’m not tired, my thoughts are CRISP. I stare at myself for 15 minutes in the mirror for no apparent reason. Get ready and feed my cats all at the same time. Overflowing with energy.

Definitely fucking manic. I walk at superhuman speed, I am WIRED as if I smoked a gram of meth. Not dissociated in the slightest.

I go about my day. I am fucking on top of the world. Worst day ever, so much bullshit happening to me but I DON’T CARE.

I have an urge to talk and spew nonsense unlike anything I ever experienced on any stimulant.

I’m tired but wired. Go about my day, do some C work for class. Go home. I look like a zombie and feel like a zombie that’s been struck by lightning. I have zero inhibitions. Intrusive thoughts but nothing too bad, this is was I imagine psychosis feels like.

Can’t stop thinking, thoughts are racing, words are mildly flowing. I have CEVs, seeing dragons and a bearded man that I want to recreate using AI tools.

I never did.

Took 1.5mg Bromazolam because it was too much, slept for half an hour, wake up 30 minutes ago at the time I’m writing this. Still wired but not tired anymore (well kind of but it’s alright).

I don’t know what the fuck is happening, I don’t know if it’s the 3-HO.

I don’t even know if I like it or not.

DON’T DO THIS. Snorting 20mg+ 3-HO-PCP will have you HOLING HARD for 6 hours. Don’t abuse dissociatives kids. But if you do, go to sleep before they kick in and you’ll have a hell of a day.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Final mark: 10/10 would (not) do it again.

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my beloved bombastic wired pcpesque frenchman

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