3-F-PCP: the ‘F’ stands for ‘Fuck’

Trip report from 03/19/2023

Alright ladies and gents.

  • Substance: 3-F-PCP, white milky crystals, from TRRC.
  • Amount: eyeballed ungodly amounts (I initially had 500mg, vaped maybe 20mg as an allergy test a while ago), so considering how much was left in the baggie, probably around 70mg + 200mg redose).
  • Set & setting: me on the verge on a mental breakdown, at home.

(Absolutely nothing good can come out from everything I just mentioned. Don’t do this. I have plenty of experience and a huge permatolerance).

T+0: (3pm) “70”mg washed down with coffee. It’s bitter (the 3-F, not the coffee, I like my coffee sweet and with milk, sue me). Coding some C stuff.

T+2h: Feeling absolutely nothing, I think to myself “fuck it, it’s not like I have to be out and about in a few hours, might as well eat some more”… “200”mg washed down with water. Tastes like unwashed ass.

T+2h30: I’m definitely dissociated but it’s cold, bland, boring and pretty weak sauce.

T+3h: I realize I might have fucked up royally. I am now completely dissociated yet not really, I’m not holing or anything, it’s cold, it’s so boring, it’s even a little sad (maybe exacerbating my mood).

T+3h15: time dilation is absolutely insane. I took a shower for what I thought to be 3 hours, when it actually lasted a mere 10 minutes. It has very strong analgesic properties though because washing and straightening my (very long) hair doesn’t hurt at all.

T+3h30: I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. I’ve been having and I kept on having double vision. Almost like 3D glasses, minus the fun. Actually exactly like 3D glasses when you already wear glasses. I tripped a lot and fell a lot.

T+?: at this point time passes so slowly it’s unbearable. The dissociation is going a little down but the stimulation is going way up, I’m having OEVs and especially CEVs, flashing blue and red lights when I close my eye, almost like at a festival or rave but minus the fun.

T+? but it’s 12:40am and I’m still ever so slightly dissociated, still have double vision, still have CEVs, mood is very very low. I take 3mg Bromaz and it seems to synergize with the 3-F giving me a very pleasant vibrating body high before I go to sleep. I wake up not exactly refreshed, I feel like it was rough on my body.

Final mark: 2/10, I don’t recommend it, one of the worst dissos I’ve ever done.

If I had to give a positive, though, this substance is very disinhibitory so it could maybe possibly be good in situations where desinhibition might be wanted.