VendorDB - An independent RC-vendor review platform


I’m excited to announce the release of a lil project I’ve been working on for some time: VendorDB

This is a site where you can find and review Research Chemical vendors, with more functionality on the way! Eventually, it will turn into the one-stop-shop for any and all vendor information!

Check it out at


Are all of the shops verified to be legitimate?

It’s a review platform, not a list of trusted vendors.

Bad vendors get bad reviews, fraudulent vendors get removed if enough people convince me of their fraudulence via the report feature.

Eventually I’m planning to implement a sort of “warning system”. Meaning if I have reason to believe malpractice is going on (reports etc), the vendor gets a yellow banner saying “This vendor is suspected of x, VendorDB is investigating” with status updates and everything, and if I can prove malpractice without a doubt they get a red banner and are moved to a “naughty list” (warning people is better than pretending non-existence). However, I got major life stuff going on rn, so all that won’t be done for some time.

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