The downfall of and Carl Philipp Trump

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Now that there is a place where one can properly talk about this stuff, I would like to bring up the topic of and Carl Philipp Trump. Let’s just say this won’t be praising anyone.

Note: I’m talking about a german vendor here. If you’re not german, this probably won’t affect you in any way. However it’s still an interesting story about the downfall of a vendor and the downfall of a man.

The Beginnings

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Carl. Carl started his very own online shop, where he exclusively sold legal LSD analogues to the people of Germany. He even created his own delivery service, where he would personally deliver his product to customers in Berlin, where he lived.

One day, a documentary was made by a YouTube channel that branches off of german state-funded TV. You can still find this documentary here. In it, Carl and his shop were introduced, telling the viewers about how legal LSD is used to “bypass” laws, and how Carl is doing it.

This documentary has brought much attention to the topic in general, and brought tons of new customers (me included) to Carl.

All seemed great. The shop was doing amazingly well, the people got access to clean psychedelics, everyone lived happily ever after. Or did they?

The Fall

It became apparent that more and more issues were coming up. As Carl was importing his product from the Netherlands, a bunch of things went wrong. While what he bought was technically legal, german customs were still seizing and investigating things, thinking it would be “regular” LSD-25.

Issues like these were actively harming the shop. Customers had to wait more and more for their shipments, sometimes months. Due to the floods of people, it also became near impossible to contact Carl about shipment status, as he did not have enough people to handle all of it.

Then, one day, something happened. Something big. The most devious lick. An accountant who worked for Carl stole ALL of the product from him. Not only that, he made his own shop using it, and stole e-mails of every customer from Carl to spam them with ads to their new shop. No product was ever shipped by Carl again. This event can be seen as the end of, but not the end of the story.

The Snap

After the “big event” happened, something in Carl changed. He always was a weird and quirky guy, but this just drove him into a spiral of straight-up lunacy.

Carl sent out an announcement about the theft to all his customers, using the newsletter. However, this was not your typical “hey, bad things happened” announcement. In it, he was doxxing his old accountant and their lawyer, insulting them in even antisemitic ways, and ending the mail with a photo of him holding up an axe, using the caption “This is what I’ll use to castrate [accountant name]”.

However, this wasn’t the end of his shenanigans. For example, he started a political party called “” (never actually properly registered as far as I’m aware, would almost certainly go against our constitution). There, he advocates for his own weird technology-enhanced form of communism, where currency is time worked. He wants to abolish the church. He wants all justice to be self-justice. He wants to punish “criminals” using “torture with maximum intensity”, forcing them to castrate themselves, amputating their limbs, forcing them to scrape their own eyes out, and finally locking them up in a computer-generated world where they are tortured and raped for eternity.

You may have noticed that I put the word “criminals” in quotes there. This is because Carl made a list of all people he sees as criminals! This reaches from former teachers who supposedly weren’t nice to him, to people he thinks are a bit aggressive, but mostly includes people he connects to his many crazy conspiracy theories.

The conspiracy theory he pushes the most (but is BY NO MEANS the only one) is that Thomas Haldenwang, president of the BfV (german office for protection of consitution), is responsible for ALL gang-crime in all german-speaking countries. Carl thinks that Thomas and his “team of Nazis” have a live feed of all phone location data, live camera feeds from everywhere, are somehow able to process all this in real-time, but are not doing anything about the crimes they inevitably see this way. (For clarification: German law enforcement is able to get location data of phones, yes, however only on a case-by-case basis, with VERY GOOD reason, and only during ongoing investigation into actual crime that already happened, mostly terrorism)

Carl also streamed almost all of his life live on Twitch (until he got banned due to community guideline violation), now he does less common streams on YouTube. In his streams, he mostly sits around doing nothing. However sometimes he SCREAMS about his conspiracies, “prank calls” police telling them to arrest various people including themselves (which actually got Carl arrested live on stream once), orders hundrets of sex toys to politicians and judges, and much more. You can find a YouTube channel documenting the saucy parts of his streams here (this channel is NOT being run by Carl himself)

All of what I just told you is not all of his shenanigans, just a general overview, if I gave you everything this would be a 1TB text file or something.

Because of the various things Carl did and does, he is now actively wanted by german law enforcement. However, Carl fled to Switzerland, and is currently (not sure if anything changed in this regard) trying to apply for political asylum there.

Conclusion is in fact still online, and you can still order there. However, if you value your money, don’t. You will never receive anything whatsoever.

Carl stopped fulfilling his orders way before 1D-LSD was a thing, but still advertises selling it on his shop. I personally had anonymous sources, who are insiders deep in the whole LSD analogue business, confirm to me that Carl has never received any 1D from Lizard Labs whatsoever.

Even if he ever starts shipping something again, I would strongly advise against ordering. Carl is a crazy man who should not be trusted. Wouldn’t surprise me if, for example, at some point shipments full of rat poison go out.

However, don’t go against Carl or fuel him. What this man needs is professional help, not people telling him that he’s an asshole. You’d just end up on his criminal list ^^

If you’re trying to find a (new) vendor for any 1D-LSD needs, I can personally HIGHLY recommend the Chemical Collective.


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