TEST Kratom + PCP = Enhanced opis effects

Actually Kratom’s Psychonautwiki page says that PCP reduce opioid tolerance.
So I tried this combo twice to figure out how this interaction works.

How to:

-First you take Kratom. Wait for it to peak.

(You got to wait for the kratom to peak before doing the combo due to the risk of overdose)

-Once you’re in the Kratom peak you can peak on PCP (o-pce) too and this will enhances the opi effects.


It is really strong so be careful with the dosages:
both do synergize very well in the head and the body effects.
It works really good, tho it could be subjective depending on dosages, natural tolerance, compound tolerance etc. etc.

P.S. With a Red vein Kratom, which is relaxing, the sleepiness effect get enhanced as well.