My experience with methallyescaline (MAL)

Hello! i have finally got ahold of some methallyescaline and wanted to post my thoughts on it.

It started off as a really hot day and i had an x-ray appointment at the hospital, no way to get there i knew it was going to be a 6 hour round trip in 38 degree celsius and silly me didn’t check before hand.

i first got interested in this chemical after years of metocin and 4acodmt use and many other psychedelics so i was mostly looking for a mescaline analogue experience.


40mg oral dose of MAL it didn’t taste great but was surprised it wasn’t overly bitter, more closer to etizolam than a stimulant burn.

started my walk by going to a store to pick up gatorade


i’m surprised it is taking this long to kick in, im sweating and things seem more (sensitive?) i definitely notice i’m not exactly sober but nothing too abnormal.


about half way through my walk and now i’m noticing that i keep tripping up on my thought process as if i’m thinking in the moment and enjoying things rather than working on what i’m planning once i get to the hospital.


made it to the hospital and it usually takes me 2 and a half hours. this chemical at this point i’m realizing isn’t as trippy as I read also I don’t normally feel empathogens that much (mdma, 3mmc, mipt) but MAL has removed every negative thought i could have, i feel so at peace and feel so goooooood rather than stimulated and so far the headspace has been 4k sight (i normally wear glasses and now i feel like i can see clearly)


decided to pick up lunch after the appointment that went really well at subway and managed to eat all my food which normally i struggle with eating in general and especially on psychedelics/stimulants.


made it home and now i can relax with the boys. telling them about MAL and sharing some theres only been positive energy.

even 5 hours in the visuals and headspace are very minimal, not sure if i’d take this with the intentions to trip but it’s been a super social clear headspace vibe, keep in mind i am tripping, saying things and thinking more openly, but the anxiety i usually get from psychedelics are the most offputting things for me and this is seriously a CHILL experience.

+7:00 not sure if it’s wearing off at this point since it’s supposed to last almost 12 hours but i think i’m going to head to bed sleeping eating, drinking and talking have been so easy on this substance


i’m going to give this chemical another try at a bigger dose or mix in metocin with it. i really enjoyed it and could see it being really useful for my stress/trauma because i truly felt at peace the entire time i was on this drug. but at the same time if i wanted to have a psychedelic experience and this was an option i’d probably just pick up some mushrooms.

also i didn’t shit myself like mescaline is supposed to do apparently.


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It sounds like something that might synergize well with LSD. Sort of like a less neurotoxic candyflip.

How did you feel the day after?

hey, so i want to try it with 4-ho-met hoping in the next few days. the past week i’ve felt alright there’s been a lot of dramatic events happening but i think that’s just the town i live in.

MAL is something i’m definitely going to return to i felt more hungover than an after glow though the following day was more relaxed than usual.

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