Methylmethaqualone (MMQ)

I have always been curious about the elusive Quaaludes that were enjoyed so much in the 70s. They are pretty much impossible to find if you live in North America.

Well I found an analog of methaqualone: Methylmethaqualone. It is supposed to be similar in effect to methaqualone but about 5 times more potent. There is also a known risk of seizures when using methylmethaqualone.

I have a small amount of it but I haven’t really experienced any effects from it because I am being very cautious with it. Using just a small amount more than a recreational dose could easily lead to having a seizure and I obviously would like to avoid that. I’ve tried up to about 30 mg sublingually so far without much effect.

Has anyone else dabbled with this one? Can anyone give me suggestions about proper dosing either orally or sublingually?