Freebasing Cocaine

If you’re interested in learning how to freebase cocaine, you’ve come to the right place! Freebasing cocaine is a process that involves a few steps, and it’s quite easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to freebasing cocaine:

Step 1: Gather the Materials of course. You’ll need cocaine, a bowl, a lighter, and baking soda.

Step 2: Place the cocaine and baking soda into the bowl and mix the two together.

Step 3: Put the lighter underneath the bowl and heat the mixture while stirring. This will cause the cocaine to break down into a freebase form. (Too much heat may decompose the molecule)

Step 4: Keep stirring the mixture until it becomes a thick paste.

Step 5: Remove the bowl from the heat and let it cool down.

Step 6: Use a spoon or something of the sort to form the paste into a shape.

Step 7: ???

Step 8: Profit. After you’ve let it cool down, now you’ve got yourself crack cocaine. Be sure not to have any baking soda residue. And happy vaping.

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Just had a couple of questions if you don’t mind clarifying.

You don’t mention adding water but I thought you need to add water to the cocaine / baking soda mix? Or no? And what’s the ratio of baking soda and water (if needed) to cocaine? So for like, one gram of how much should one use?

And in step 8 how do you ensure there’s no baking soda residue left? Is there an easy visual way to know?

I would highly recommend ammonia over sodium bicarbonate to base cocaine hydrochloride. Amount varies depending on purity and how much you cocaine you are using, but it is a lot purer product. As well as you really cannot use too much ammonia if you are being safer and wanting to ensure full conversion