FIrst time with a Psychedelic and brief explanations!

A lot of new folks here have never done a psychedelic. Of course your choices can vary widely, there are lysergamides, tryptamines and even phenethylamines!


Lysergamides and tryptamines are serotonergic psychedelics, the most broadly used ones. But it is not to say that MDMA, an atypical psychedelic but a psychedelic nonetheless, isn’t also in the category.

These compounds can alter your mind in a deep and meaningful manner. People can easily lose themselves in these drugs because they have taken them at a party without thinking or because they have been misled by a friend into thinking it was something else or simply the effect was simply too strong and they couldn’t withstand it. A jump in the void.

Psychedelics must be treated with caution and with the uttermost respect. They have the value of changing your life for the better but also the opposite. You make the difference, your mindset makes the difference, your set & setting makes the difference.

Set & Setting:

This very commonly used term in the psychonaut world indicates a set and setting where you reside that makes you feel comfortable, where there is no anxious feeling that can spring and flow messing your trip up, more commonly known as: a bad trip. This is why a comfortable set & setting is ideal if not mandatory to assure that your trip goes to plan.

FIrst time doses

Ah, a very dangerous and unpredictable topic… why? Because everyone is different unfortunately. There is no rule. A common dose of LSD is around 100ug, this often works fine for people that want to experience a trip for the first time but this can also be way too much, especially if you are not very comfortable with yourself, if you have hyperaphantasia or if you have underlying mental conditions.

To mitigate this, my advice would be to dose low and atleast one to two weeks apart between each mini-trips. You may start with 20ug, then proceed with 35 or 45 and so on. Everytime you do this, your brain starts to create new memories, new emotions attached to these mini trips and the chances that you will be feeling overwhelmed when you finally reach 100ug will be slim!

This same approach can be used with tryptamines/mushrooms. Start with a few milligrams of dried shrooms till you get to a common dose of a dried gram and experience a full on trip.

Phenethylamines however, are a bit different. They are very different in the headspace, this doesn’t mean that you can dose them without giving a damn but they sure as hell CAN be way friendlier on your mind (but not your body hehe). Take MDMA for example, everytime is assured to have a good time on it almost everytime (set & setting is also dependent here). And same applies to the 2C-X series.

LSD standard doses:

  • <75ug are light doses
  • Between 100 and 200ug are common doses
  • >250 become heavy


The expections vary from person to person, you surely can expect a bodyhigh, a mental high, introspective thoughts, conceptual thoughts, creativity enhancement, heightened senses and awareness but it is not limited to these features only. You can check this link that’ll bring you to a more in-depth overview of the effects that a psychedelic can induce in your body.
You can definitely expect a great time, and perhaps a change in how you view your life and life in general.


This was a brief explanation of psychedelics, how you should be dosing them and when. Hope this helped you start with a more insightful approach towards them. Utilize to learn more about different psychedelics, especially analogues and such.

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