Curious to learn more about dipyanone and IC-26

Hi everyone, I’ve recently learned about these chemicals and was curious to know if anyone had any more information on them, or anecdotal reports to share.

For reference:

Dipyanone is an opioid analgesic (…) It is closely related to medically used drugs such as methadone, (…) but slightly less potent.

Source: Wikipedia

IC-26 ((…) Methiodone) is an analogue of the opioid analgesic methadone, where the carbonyl group has been replaced by the bioisosteric sulfone group.

Human and animal studies suggest that IC-26 is around the same potency as methadone, although other studies have found its activity to be inconsistent between different patients, with consistent opioid activity only being seen at a dose several times that of methadone.

Source: Wikipedia