A-PHP on an ADHD individual

Binged around 250 to 300mg of it in a day.


There were psychosis symptoms, there was definitive paranoia but I dulled it with 3mg bromazolam which made the experience waay better and actually functional.

Very prominent sociability.

Great bodyhigh.

No scatterbrain compared to A-PiHP but this had changed when I did A-PHP with weed.

The rush is powerful both via IN or vaped.

Peripheral stimulation is very withstandable unlike what I have read. Quite similar to A-PiHP

Combined the A-PHP solution with Metonitazene:

Sedative, energized cognitive euphoria. Nodding possible 100%.

Dopamine increases by a shitton as well with a very prominent mood boost. The zene lessens A-PHP’s side effects on the body but I actually didn’t feel any substantial difference from A-PiHP’s bodyload!
It felt like a cleaner but definitely more powerful A-PiHP.

All in all, great compound. Finished 2.5g in around 2 weeks. It’s not as compulsive as A-PiHP. Personally.