1,4bdo - First Experience

Let me first say: I love productivity. I love dosing compounds that make me able to be productive at work or in general. I don’t always like being shitfaced and 1,4bdo is definitely productive if you don’t dose it like there is no tomorrow.

My very first experience with 1,4bdo was amazing.
I am one of those very lucky people that metabolize alcohol and alcohol-like substances in a way that it guarrantees insane euphoria and an amazing endogenous dopamine flow.

I had dosed 1ml my first time and it was the most stimulatory feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life.
It was more stimulating than any stimulants I’ve ever tried, I now understood what the term “forced stimulation” actually meant.
I started shadowboxing and working out like a mad man and then proceeded to play DOOM Eternal for hours till it wore off but of course I had to redose.

My reaction times were enhanced, everything was enhanced.
At low doses, these substances can be incredibly stimulating and cognitive-enhancing. I was absolutely amazed at how great this substance was.

This was my first reaction to the compound. I had no hangovers the next days, it felt extremely stimmy but at the same time very sedating if you really wanted to or if you wanted to dose higher.
And it definitely made watching movies and socializing WAY easier and WAY funnier.

It’s my favourite GABA-B compound alongside GHB. I find it more appealing than GHB itself due to the smooth functioning of it. I can take it at work and be as productive as ever.
I can take it at night, around 2 to 2.5ml doses, watch a movie and fall asleep WITH EASE.

It’s an amazing molecule. I’m lucky to react very well to these compounds.

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Sounds nice. Is it easy to find online? Could you recommend a source by any chance?